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April 16, 2008
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The whole Akatsuki gang was gathered in the living room of their newly proclaimed “base.” Not much happened, really. Deidara and Sasori were of course arguing with each other and as you guessed it, true art. Hidan was watching them in amusement from the ground, while his boyfriend was busily counting money out loud for the umpteenth time that hour. Itachi was slouched over on the tattered couch and looked like he could fall asleep any moment by now. Kisame sat next to him, busying himself with channel surfing. 300 channels and nothing to watch, how ironic.
Tobi was being a good boy and sitting on the carpet, tugging at the schizophrenic teen’s sleeve, begging for some attention. Pein was on the other couch, making out with his girlfriend while she sat on his lap, his arm wrapped possessively around her waist.  

“I’m bored...” Hidan sighed. The artists had finally stopped their argument when Pein threatened to kill them. Now there was nothing to entertain the jashinist.
Finding it bored of watching t.v., Kisame sat down the remote and glanced over at Itachi who had dozed off. His arm was propped up on the sofa chair where his head lay on his palm. The blue teen studied and admired the weasel’s peaceful expressions. He had been with Itachi for as long as he remembered. They had been best friends and through the years, and had developed a crush for the Uchiha. He was snapped out of his thoughts when he notice one of Itachi’s eyes open, the other following suit. ‘If only I could tell him...’

“Tobi is booored....” whined the masked idiot.

“Shut up, un.” scolded the blonde artist.

“But Deidara, there is nothing to do!” he pouted.

“We could get drunk.” suggested Sasori in his usual bored tone.

Deidara sighed, “We did that last week, un. Something else.”

“Let’s play hide-and-seek!”

“Tobi, that has to be the stupidest idea, un.” the once jolly teen frowned from under his orange

“Let’s play ‘Covert-everyone-to-Jashinism’!” cheered Hidan..

“You always suggest that game, Hidan, and you’re gonna get the same response. No.” Kakuzu
pointed out in a flat tone, placing his money into his wallet, quite happy about the amount.

“Aw, come on. Just this once, ‘Kuzu.”

“Let me think. NO.”

“Fuck please.”

He smirked. “I’ll be happy to fuck you.”


Itachi yawned and lazily looked around the room. Zetsu was still talking to himself, Deidara was chasing Tobi around the house as he narrowly dodged each small bomb. Sasori seemed too occupied with untangling his finger from his hair to stop the chaos. A small smile played on the weasel’s lips when he saw Hidan struggling to keep Kakuzu away from raping him. His eyes then drifted towards the other couch to find it empty. Pein and Konan had somehow secretly sneaked into their own private room. His attention was caught when he felt a pair of eyes on him.  Itachi turned towards  Kisame who flashed his infamous sharky grin before hiding his face from the other’s ever watching eyes.

Hidan grabbed an empty beer bottle and was prepared to smash it on the molester’s head when an idea popped into his brain. “Hey assholes! Who wants to play truth or dare?”

“Isn’t that kinda game that girls play?” asked Sasori with a raised eyebrow.

“I wanna play, un!” Deidara said, looking up from strangling Tobi.

Everyone else in the room, besides Zetsu joined in the game, ignoring Sasori’s comment. They all gathered around the small, low, round table.

“Okay, fuckers, listen, and listen good, ‘cause I’m not gonna fuckin’ repeat myself, got it” the others nodded while Tobi asked ‘why’, Hidan of coursed ignored the childish idiot and continued, “ the rules are simple; don’t choose the same thing over again; and if you fail to tell the truth or do a dare, you must run around naked.”

“Um, Hidan, isn’t that kinda harsh? I mean running naked is well...” Kisame trailed off.

“Well fishboy, you no like ‘em. Then no play.” Hidan smirked receiving a glare from the shark, obviously not liking the nickname. “I’ll spin first.” he informed the rest of the akatsuki, resting the bottle on the table.

“Why can’t Tobi spin first?” whined the masked one.

“ ‘cause I thought of the game, dumbass.” the bottle spun clockwise in a steady pace, until it began to slow and came to an abrupt stop at the person between Deidara and Kisame; Itachi. An evil smirk took its shape on the jashinist’s face. “Truth or dare?” he asked cooly, eyeing the weasel.

“Dare.” he responded with the same tone as the jashinist.  The jashinist’s smirk soon morphed into a cruel grin. He was hoping he would say that. He let out a small chuckle. A glare was cast in his direction from the impatient Uchiha.

“What’s so funny?” he ordered.

He shook his head. “I dare you,” he paused and looked around the room, making sure that they were all listening, “to french kiss.....fishboy.” A blush had taken it’s place on the said boy’s face. The other’s looked at Itachi, trying to read his emotionless face. “Well?”

Silence. “......I’ll start undressing.” mumbled Itachi. Kisame’s heart sank.

“Come on Red eyes, why won’t you kiss the fish?” both teens glared at the jashinist. Clearly, Hidan didn’t give good nicknames. “I know you want too.” Itachi bit his lip.

“W-well...” Kisame’s eyes widened. Did Itachi share the same feelings towards him as he did?

“Come on Red eyes, just kiss him or you’ll get mobbed by all your crazy fan girls. Remember last time, when we stole yo-”

“Hidan, I told you to never discuss that incident ever again!”he growled, his eyes flashing red.

“Then fuckin’ kiss the fucker so we can all continue with this fuckin game, okay dumbass!”

“Bu-” Before he could finish his sentence, Deidara pushed Itachi and forced him into Kisame in a teeth crashing kiss. Kisame and Itachi froze as they were too shocked to move in a lip lock.
Later they broke away, the kiss only lasting a second or two. Itachi, blushing madly. “I....i..”

“I said, french kiss!” and before Itachi knew it, he was forced into another kiss. Instead of pulling away, their eyes shut. Kisame brushed his tongue against Itachi’s bottom lip. Itachi hesitantly gave entrance and Kisame’s tongue slipped through, caressing the roof of Itachi’s mouth, making the smaller one moan in delight.

Sasori leaned closer to Hidan’s ear and began whispering. “Hidan, do you like watching yaoi, or something?”

“Why would you think that?” he smirked.

“Making those two kiss.”

“Everyone is in a relationship besides those two.”


“And they’ve been best friends since ever.” Hidan had a point there. Few seconds later the shark and the weasel broke apart both gasping for air. Their eyes glazed with lust and a strand of saliva connecting their lips. “Kisame...” Itachi looked into the said teen’s eyes. “I think I-”

“I love you.” Kisame cut off and kissed Itachi again, the weasel returned the kiss almost instantly.

“Aw, how cute, un.” giggled Deidara. Sasori scooted closer to the blonde teen and Deidara let his head rest on the red head’s firm chest. “Itachi, it’s your turn to spin, un.”

“Yeah, yeah.” he spun the bottle and it landed on Kisame. “Truth or dare?”


Itachi blushed. “Kisame, would you go out with me?” the shark teen grinned and leaned down, planting a soft kiss on the Uchiha’s lips.

“Of course.” he murmured softly, nuzzling Itachi.
                                          ~~~~* ------*~~~~

“Bye, guys, un.”said Deidara as he and Sasori took a small turn towards their apartment. Itachi smiled. Kisame waved as they both continued their walk home under the lighted street.

Kisame felt something fragile touch his hands. He looked down, finding Itachi’s pale fingers intertwined with his blue ones. Kisame leaned down and kissed Itachi passionately, wrapping one arm around the Uchiha’s slender waist.

“Your house?”

“Why not.”
*clears throat* okay. i started this when i heard of itachi's death. i got all depressed and went on a itachi drawing/writing spree. i have FINALLY finsihed it after working on it on and off in my free time.
i know,the ending sucks. i was in a hurry to finish it and well, it came out like this.
i was gonna write what everyone else's dare was, but i got lazy. sue me.

so hidan had to run naked because sasori dared him too.
kakuzu also had to run naked because he wasn't gonna give up his money. deidara had to wear a school girl clothes and the game ended quickly after his horny boyfriend tried to rape him. and now kisame and itachi are going to have some smex time with each other.

story (c) mine
characters (c) kishimoto
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